Partner Spotlight: RDT Office Solutions Group Finds Lucrative Channel in Apps Development

Channel Partner Connection takes pride in showcasing Xerox Channel Partners and the many ways they are succeeding with Xerox. An increasingly hot topic is app development. As a nod to what is quickly becoming a favorite way to generate ongoing revenue, RDT Office Solutions Group is one of the earliest adopters of app development through the Xerox® ConnectKey® platform. Here’s our success story, and a look at how easy it can be for you to build app solutions as well.

“So simple anyone can use it”

RDT Office Solutions Group Ltd. has found app solutions to be a lucrative and much sought after vein of our business. In fact, we regularly generate simple workflow automation tools that add value to our conventional MPS sales, and further cement our relationships with customers. These easy to use solutions are built with Xerox MFPs enabled with ConnectKey Technology®. The Xerox App Studio (XAS) ConnectKey® customization tools are favorites at RDT, which are “so simple, anyone can use it with very little instruction.”

The RDT team during a recent App Development Day.

Earlier this year our entire sales force participated in an app development course hosted by Xerox at our head office. The RDT team was very pleased to find that by the end of the workshop, the entire sales force had each developed ConnectKey Apps that they felt would be of value in business situations. This is a testament to both the value of ConnectKey Technology®, and its ease of use. In fact, a team of 6 can typically manage most customer solution requirements on its own and also have the support of  when they find that a more complex solution is required to address their customer’s pain points. RDT and Foxway formed a strategic partnership in 2015 to deploy the Foxway apps portfolio across the UK, with a major emphasis on developing new applications to help simplify every day businesses processes through workflow solutions hosted on RDT ConnectKey MFD’s. Easy to use with built-in support? Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

Turning Services into Sales

We  invested the necessary time to properly train our sales force so that they would be better equipped to ask the right questions when talking to clients – questions that would help them fully understand the processes that made up their customer’s document workflows. By understanding the workflows, they are able to envision solutions that will improve them, helping that business to grow and thrive.

With margin pressures the norm in today’s competitive market, adding value to the sales transaction through services such as the translation app, has helped RDT to win business that would otherwise likely have come down to price. Our marketing and value proposition is focused on process improvements. That is how our sales people lead the client discovery meetings. If you start the discussion about print, clicks, and price, the discussion is sure to go that way in the end.

Customer Response

While customer responses can vary based on different factors like whether they are corporate, SME, or by vertical market and so on, every customer is exposed to technology in their personal lives, from their smart phones to their home internet, television, systems like Alexa and more. That makes technology – and the user experience – a very good, very relatable place to start a discussion with the customer. They feel at ease discussing mutual common ground, rather than being approached with the usual contract discussion points. As expected, customers also appreciate our willingness to learn more about the daily ins and outs of their business, rather than opening the dialogue with a sales pitch.

Turning their Success into Yours

The success RDT has seen over the last 12 months indicates significant potential for growth in services sales in 2017. Here’s what you need to know about following our example:

  • Educating your sales force is critical. As noted above, approaching the conversation from a problem solving perspective can make the difference between spotting an opportunity to provide a custom solution, or making the misstep of leading with your own agenda.
  • Invest in your marketing and content. The reality is that most resellers are still talking about speeds, feeds and clicks. Show your customers that you are here to address their pain points and offer solutions to help them overcome their biggest challenges, and you’ll move from being a vendor to being a trusted resource for products, solutions and support well beyond the transaction.

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  1. Matt April 11, 2017 -

    Hey, enjoyed the post thanks. Question springs to mind: we’re looking at introducing some simple workflows to speed up some of the internal processes in our design agency. As such, interested in some of the applications on your website in particular when it comes to invoicing. Do you have any apps that would help us streamline this side of our operations? Cheers, Matt

  2. Toni Gibiino April 11, 2017 -

    Hi Matt and thanks for your comments. We have the ideal solution hosted on the Xerox ConnectKey platform that I believe will satisfy your business requirement with regards to invoicing. If you could send me an email with your contact details I can touch base and discuss it further. I look forward to hearing from you.

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