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How to Convert Social Media Connections into Customers

Oct 19, 2017|Best Practice, Sales, Selling, social media|

Social media is an excellent way to engage with your connections and create warm prospects. Here is how to move people from social media connections into hardened sales prospects.

Is Your Brand as a Sales Rep As Genuine As Peyton Manning?

Oct 16, 2017|Sales, Selling, social media|

Peyton Manning never rested on his laurels. He prepared like no other quarterback before him. As sales rep your brand, whether you believe it or not, is extremely important to your success in this highly connected, digital business world.

Best Practices for Hiring Your First Marketing Resource

Oct 12, 2017|Best Practice, Business Development, Marketing|

Unless you have strong marketing acumen, knowing what type of marketing candidate is most likely to succeed can be tricky. A few simple tips can help you learn what to look for and how to vet potential marketing candidates who can help your business succeed.

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    How Xerox Channel Partners Can Reap Big Benefits from Email Marketing

How Xerox Channel Partners Can Reap Big Benefits from Email Marketing

Oct 9, 2017|Best Practice, Business Development, Channel Partners, Marketing, Sales, Selling|

Email is 40 times better at customer acquisition than social media and with an average of $38 earned for every $1 spent. But thanks to changes in the buyer’s journey, advances in technology, and user thresholds for noisy inboxes, email strategy and etiquette is changing.

Valuable Reasons to Invest in Print Sales

Oct 5, 2017|Partnering For Excellence, Sales, Selling, Technology|

What if the conversation with your customers centered on the smart printer or multifunction printer (MFP) as an integral part of bringing the document and data together into a single managed service offering? What value would this bring and how would it translate into revenue and profit?