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Proven Approaches and Opportunities for Partners in 3 Vertical Sectors

Dec 5, 2016|Best Practice, Channel Partners, Partnering For Excellence, Sales, Xerox PAB|

Vertical markets – education, health care, finance, etc. – present unique challenges when it comes to printing and scanning. With Xerox MFP technology, partners can help end users surmount obstacles and use their print platforms to generate valuable business outcomes.

How To: Giving Healthcare Managed Print a Booster Dose

Dec 1, 2016|Best Practice, Channel Partners, Sales, Selling, Xerox PAB|

Specifically built for ConnectKey-enabled devices to connect small and medium sized care providers, the Xerox® Healthcare MFP connected by Kno2™ helps providers securely share patient information between clinics or with insurance companies to improve care quality and clinical outcomes.

Best Practices: Taking the Vertical Leap

Nov 28, 2016|Best Practice, Channel Partners, Managed Print Services, Partnering For Excellence, Sales, Xerox PAB|

Every vertical market – whether health care, real estate, education, finance, or another – faces unique challenges. Addressing those differences often requires highly customized IT solutions that cater to a segment’s specific needs and are adapted to the way business is conducted in a particular vertical.

Vertical Markets: Do you Know your Sweet Spot?

Nov 24, 2016|Best Practice, Channel Partners, Sales, Selling, Xerox PAB|

The secret to success in vertical markets is in understanding each sector— and then tailoring your end-to-end proposition to fit their personal needs.

Embracing Workflow Automation to Increase Efficiencies

Nov 21, 2016|Best Practice, Partnering For Excellence, Selling, Xerox PAB|

The steps of scanning, storing, filing and retrieving are time consuming and error prone. Some solutions currently in use are cloud enabled but require customers to exclusively use a particular manufacturer’s scanner or app – a costly endeavor. Xerox Web Capture bypasses all of this red tape by providing customers with a solution that seamlessly integrates paper and digital based information into their work processes fast and error-free, without hardware expenses.